“If you don’t have a process, make one. If you do have one, it’s probably time to refine it.”

Alex Dietrich

Finding the Right Problem, Delivering the Right Solution

We want everyone to have a successful process to obtain results they want. At VIE Media we take a very customer satisfactory based approach to our process. We take the time to understand our customer and what the problem may be and what we can do to find a workable solution. 

Before you get started with VIE Media, we offer a free, 40+ page, digital audit to see what marketing materials your business already has, and what we can do to help improve. This audit dives deep into the effectiveness of your current online presence from your current marketing materials.

We take pride in our process and how our approach has not only helped our partners and their brands grow significantly but has made our partners happy with the results we are able to get them. 

Through our upfront site audit, we can understand the problem areas and what needs to be done to improve. We do all of this, before you even spend a dollar. That’s how much we take pride in what we do and care about our partners!


At VIE Media we are focused on creating a high return on investment for our partners. We do this by focusing our digital marketing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Advertising, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Web Design & Development, Videography & Photography, Branding, and Graphic Design.



We begin our process with the upfront digital audit. Our skilled digital analysts use a propriety system that provides you with a detailed and understandable view of your current digital presence.  We start all our partners with this free 40+ page website audit that dives deep into the effectiveness of your online presence. By meticulously combing through the site upfront, we are able to pinpoint problem areas in the site and explain exactly what is required to improve it. All before a single dollar is spent.


After reviewing our digital audit, we will meet to discuss what we learned and where your areas of improvement are. In this meeting we will identify holes in the market where competitors have not explored and help establish a process to dominate the market. 

Our second meeting, we like to call the ‘Creative Session’, we get into the nitty gritty to help you and us gain an understanding of what your businesses unique selling proposition is and, how we can leverage that and create marketing materials that stand out and portray that aspect in the best possibly way.


Utilizing all of the data that we collect through the digital audit and our discovery session; we take a hands-on approach and optimize your current online channels with information that is cohesive with the process and unique selling proposition. 

We will also set your pages up to our analytic system and monitor and fix any issues. Though this we can ensure that our processes and goals are met through a strong online presence. We are also able to use the data to make informed decisions to help your brand grow!


The foundation is established! This meeting will provide you with an analysis of the data we collected. Now we just need to consult with you and explain the improvements we made. 

We then work with you to determine a good process and strong marketing strategy to allow your business to generate a strong, predictable increase in your bottom line.

Each month, we will provide you with an updated review of your analytics to ensure that your brand is always on target and up to date.


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