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Why A Picture Really is Worth 1000 Words

When you see text on a screen, you decide just how much attention you are going to give it. Is it worth the read? When it comes to video, you have to be enticed enough to press “play”, and you can press “stop” at any time. The beauty of photography is that the moment it is glanced at, it has your full attention. Even if the glance is only an instant, the right picture can immediately signal to you that what is being expressed is relevant to you. And when you are trying to sell online, “relevant” is the name of the game.

Far Beyond  
the Image

At VIE Media we’re a digital marketing company with photographers who use their expertise to make every picture we take have the effect you want your business or product to portray. We work with you to determine your company’s exact proposition and how it can best be expressed through imagery. Whether it be a product photo, team photos, or headshots, we’ll make sure each picture is set up with the perfect motive behind it.

How Our Photography Process Works

Professional photography is an extremely versatile tool to have in your marketing arsenal. We bring out the best in team headshots, product photos, personal branding images, or anything in between. With our photography services, you can ensure your audience will see you in the best light possible.

The Discovery Session

In the Discovery Session, we determine exactly what photos we’ll need to capture, when we’ll take them, and what we’re taking pictures of. Depending on the type of photos you need, we’ll discuss things such as:

  • Who is your target audience? Who will actually see these photos?
  • If we’re taking team headshots, how many people need them?
  • Do you want studio photos (with a white/colored backdrop) or environmental photos (taken at a specific location)?
  • Do you need different sized exports?
  • Are there any examples of photos you want to share?

The Photography Process

After the Discovery Session is held and the photoshoot is planned, there are several steps to our photography process.

  1. Prep:  We gather all camera equipment, lighting, props, etc., and arrive on location.
  2. Shoot: We capture all photos needed to complete your project.
  3. Edit: We take all photos into the editing room and edit, retouch, and recolor until your photos are ready.
  4. Review: We export all photos, upload them to Google Drive, and send them back to your point-of-contact for review.

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