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At VIE Media, we create your clients thoughtful Facebook Advertisements that allow the right people to see their message at the right time. Your clients Facebook advertisements will be handled by a skilled and successful Facebook Blueprint Certified campaign manager. Your clients campaign manager will work directly with them to make certain their business is presented in a way that is true to their brand while also captivating their audiences and pinpointing users who are most likely to become customers. 


Provide Clients with Outstanding Facebook Ads 

With over 2.7 Billion monthly users and the average user spending 58 minutes per day on the platform, Facebook is the primary destination for getting your message in front of the people most likely to purchase your offer. Their sophisticated audience builder boasts an average decrease in customer acquisition cost (CAC) of over 72%, while advanced predictive algorithms allow you to accurately forecast the growth of your bottom line. With Facebook Advertising, you make sure that the right people, see the right message, at the right time


Like many of our other services, our Facebook Advertisement service takes a four-step approach in creating your clients the best Facebook advertisements while allowing them to take creative control of the messaging they want. 


In our first session, we take a deep look at what makes the clients business unique and how it stands out form their competition. From there we will have a discussion with the client to gain an understanding of what their goals for the campaign are and what we can do to measure a successful ad campaign. Here, we cover the business-facing aspects of their campaign, including:

  • The Targeted Products/Services
  • Average Conversion Rate through Current Channels
  • Ideal Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Relevant KPIs 


Once we have logistical understanding of what the client wants out of the campaign and how it relates to their business, we get into the nitty gritty and understand who their audience and customer base is. Collecting all this information will help ensure their advertisements will present their audiences with something intriguing that they’ll want to act on. We will cover customer-facing aspects of the campaign including:

  • The features and benefits of their offer
  • The unique selling proposition of their offer
  • All customer touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Targeted geographic, demographic, and psychographic prospect criteria


After establishing an understanding of how to create your client the best advertisements for their business, we establish what kind of strategy they will want to take. We will work together with the client and their team to establish a clear strategy and how we will build out their campaign based on the strategy. The campaign will be documented utilizing easy to read flowcharts and diagrams that will give the client a full, clear understanding of the campaign and how it will work. rk.


Here, will give provide the client with a detailed walkthrough of their campaign. This is their opportunity to make changes and ask final questions before we go live. Once we gain their approval, we will launch the campaign. After launch we will host monthly meetings to review the analytics and discuss the performance of the campaign. We will also discuss any thoughts they may have and make any tweaks we feel necessary.


Let us create the custom-tailored SEO strategy that allows you to break away from your competitors and distinguish yourself on Google’s search engine and in your prospect’s mind alike.

Ad Account / Facebook Business Manager Set-Up

We ensure that the Facebook Ad Manager is properly set up and connected to your client’s business.

Analytics & CRM Integration

In accordance with the strategy laid out in the Digital Review, we will create and publish high-quality content revolving around the newly selected target keywords that increases the Index count and topical relevance of the client’s website.

Campaign Road-Map

We layout a detailed flowchart that makes it easy to follow any discussions regarding the campaign and allows for visual recognition of KPIs.

Landing Page Creation

A strong, optimized landing page that doubles down on the targeting and copy from Facebook ensures a maximum conversion rate for their campaign.

Creative Assets – Copywriting

The campaign will be crafted by professional copywriters who specialize in messaging that emotionally connects and drives action.

Creative Assets

Unique graphics and multimedia assets will be curated to fully customize the message and create a memorable presentation of their brand. 

Audience Building (Targeting)

We create lookalike audiences that share the same geographic, demographic, and psychographic profile as their current site visitors.

Ongoing Optimizations

Once a month, we split test graphics, copy, and audience selection to ensure that their campaign is providing the maximum possible returns.


Our main objective is to help your client grow. We build our Facebook campaigns to scale, allowing you to determine exactly the number of new customers they would like to attract.


Keep Clients in the Loop with Analytics

VIE Media is a data and analytics driven marketing company. We provide your clients with the tools to monitor their campaigns 24-7. We want to ensure that they are completely in the know about their campaign. Utilizing a series of in-house analytical tools, we provide your clients with custom, real-time dashboards that track everything from form fills to conversion paths and phone calls. We ensure every KPI that is relevant to the performance of their campaign is tracked to a tee so that value can be shown in exact dollars and cents. We will also track all site visitors and store them in an organized client relationship manager. This will allow the client to analyze interactions with specific users and gain actionable insights.


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