Provide Clients with Unique stand-out graphic design work

At VIE Media, our skilled designers create Graphic Design work that incorporates aspects that will define your client’s brand. Our designers work ensures that your client’s mission and values are clearly communicated and distinguishes them from their competitors by creating cohesive and recognizable designs. At VIE Media, we have a deep understanding for design elements; this allows us to create a unique and cohesive brand image for your client.


Style That 
Stands Out

From color, to font, to design aesthetic, VIE Media will bring your clients brand vision to life providing them, and their customers memorable designs that stand out. Our Graphic Design work goes beyond just creating a logo, if your clients are unsure of what they want, we can help them establish their brand and determine a style that best suits their business. We provide them with Graphic Design services such as: brochures, business cards, logos, direct mail, billboard designs, pamphlets, and much more.


Like many of our services, our Graphic Design service takes a four-step approach in providing your clients with the best graphic assets. As one of the top graphic design companies in the St. Louis area, we pride ourselves on our learning process. We take the time to understand your clients brand vision and what makes them unique and, how we can translate that into our Graphic Design work. 


In this first session we start by taking a deep look at everything about your client’s business to gain a compressive understanding of who they are, what they do, and what they are about. We discuss what they are looking to accomplish with a new logo or graphic design project. Establishing these basics will help us to ask the right questions moving forward to provide ensure we provide your clients with the best designs possible.


After the basics have been established, we dive into the more technical part of the processes. Here we find out what really makes your clients business run and how that can be translated into design aspects. By asking detailed questions about their company, we can gain a better understanding of how to best utilize design.

  • Any specific Taglines and information needed?
  • Colors and typography in mind?
  • Any references for logos or design they enjoy?


With all our gathered information about their company, we will begin the most visual part of the process. Our designers will begin sketching concepts and sharing with your client. This is an essential part in the process as it gives us a loose idea of what the design will look like before creating it digitally. We will then go onto create the final drafts of the designs for your client.


In this last session of the Graphic Design service, we, and your client’s team with meet to provide any critiques or changes that they might have. In this process we want them to be as honest and descriptive as possible so that we can provide them with their ideal logo or graphic design project. Once we get their approval, we will provide them with all the files necessary for them to use their graphic design project. 


Our custom-made and unique graphic designs come with everything your client may need to print, create, and show-off everything that is their brand. 

Appropriate File Types

Any graphic design we do for your client will always come with all the file types needed. We’ll provide all the files that contain the design as a vector, a PDF, a PNG, JPEG, EPS, SVG, and all their font files as well. 

Brand Guidelines

In accordance with the strategy laid out in the Digital Review, we will create and publish high-quality content revolving around the newly selected target keywords that increases the Index count and topical relevance of your client’s website.

Pantone Matching Numbers (PMS) 

Will your client need to print their logo or design project? We’ll supply the correct Pantone Matching Numbers to ensure that the colors always stay consistent from job to job. 


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