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When you choose VIE Media for your Pay Per Click Digital Marketing, we provide you and your clients with explosive results in our online presence. Our industry experts will provide you with the best services and support to help your clients see the results they want.


Explosive Results with Thoughtfully Designed PPC Ads 

VIE media utilizes all the analytics and data that was collected in the initial digital audit to provide your client with PPC advertisements that are thoughtfully designed. VIE Media will work directly with a designated Google AdWords Certified campaign manager. This allows clients to leverage over 6 years of experience in customized, captivating ads that are designed to increase their sales. 

Our Pay Per Click services is an all-inclusive service that will ensure they always receive unique insight into how we can present their brand to interested parties.


At VIE Media, our PPC Digital Marketing service takes a four-step approach to Paid Search Advertising. In taking this four-step approach, it allows us to take a deep dive into the business, what it offers and the digital marketing environment. From this, we can determine the ideal strategy for capturing important and organic leads, and then converting those leads to new customers.


We will work directly with the client to gain a clear understanding of their business through a discussion about the ins and outs and details of the business. Here, we cover the aspects of the PPC ads campaign that are internal to their company, such as:

  • The Targeted Products/Services
  • Average Conversion Rate through Current Channels
  • Ideal Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Relevant KPIs

This allows us to put a “why” before every “what” and ensure that we can curate the exact campaign that will meet needs and desires. 


In this session we get into the nitty gritty of the campaign. Once we establish how the campaign will connect with the client with internal business, we will move our focus to who their customers are and how we can best engage with them, and how they can best engage with the client.  

With our keen market know-how and years of industry experience, we engage in the market that your business is in and create you a relevant, captivating campaign that will directly engage with the client’s audience and provide them with a call to action that they will want to act on. 

Here, we look at the aspects of the campaign that are external to the company, such as:

  • The Features & Benefits of the Offer
  • The USP of the Offer
  • All Customer Touchpoints throughout the Buyer’s Journey
  • Targeted Geographic, Demographic, and Psychographic Prospect Criteria


Here, we will build the Google PPC campaign in a way that will filter the maximum number of organic leads to the business. 

The campaign will be diligently observed and documented through diagrams and flow charts, to provide clients with a simple understanding of how campaign is processing organic leads that brings the user to arrive at their business’s social sites. 


Once we have the campaign built out, we provide you with a detailed and thorough walk-through of the campaign, making sure we cover exactly what your business can expect after the campaign has gone life.  

From there we will attentively monitor the campaign and its analytics, being sure to discuss any revisions or requests the client may have, triple checking that they get everything they expected before going live. 

One the PPC campaign is live, they will gain access to a 24-7 live dashboard that will keep them constantly updated on your campaign clicks. On top of this, we will schedule monthly meetings with the client and their team to provide them with a deeper understanding of your campaigns results and performance. In these monthly meetings we will also discuss their analytics and any tweaks they may want to make to further drive your Pay Per Click campaign to increase their overall return on investment.


Our #1 goal in PPC Marketing is to help you scale profitability and to scale with you as you do. All our campaigns are designed to expand, such that you can decide how far you want to open the faucet at any time.


We ensure Google AdWords account is set-up appropriately to manage professional campaigns designed for scaling.


Campaigns will be fully integrated with our state-of-the-art data visualization and Client Relationship Management platforms to provide you with deep insight into the market.


All work will be detailed in a professional, easy to follow strategy that makes understanding how the campaign is working simple.


Upon click, prospects from the Google Ad are directed to a thoughtfully crafted Landing Page that has been optimally designed to drive sales.


Parameters such as Daily Max Spend, Bidding Algorithm, Geotargeting, Ad Scheduling, and more are dialed in precisely to ensure the most effective capture of the target market. 


Using a proprietary combination of tools, we set up the campaign to track every aspect of how visitors interact with the site. From tracking phone calls to form fills, traffic flow, and more, clients will have a deep, investigate how the website and our campaign are working together to bring more business.


Ad copy is engineered to ensure that the Headline, Description, and all extensions pop from the page and incite curiosity and desire in the most valuable prospects.


20% of all clicks on Google Ads are fraudulent, leading to thousands in wasted ad spend. Our team reviews ad traffic daily and blocks fraudulent traffic from stealing views from the prospect pool.


We monitor keyword traffic daily and ensure that any negatively impacting your campaign are immediately replaced with high-quality search terms. We also update your bid parameters on a weekly basis and split test all ad copy for maximum conversions every month.

PPC MArketing


At VIE Media, we’re a St. Louis PPC company that prides ourselves on keeping our partners completely up-to-date. Our custom dashboards provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your marketing is performing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By tracking everything from page views to click-throughs and goal completions, we make sure that every relevant KPI is always available to you, and that our value as PPC marketers can be shown in dollars and cents in your bottom line.

You’ll be given access to a state-of-the-art client relationship management system that allows you to gain insights from your customer base at an individual level. Our platforms enable you to get a pulse on emerging market conditions far before your competition, letting you take a true advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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