Why A Picture Really is Worth 1000 Words

At VIE Media, we go beyond just the image. We are proud to provide your clients with digital photography that is quality work. With photographers who harness all their experience to make every picture impactful, they hold the power to portray your client’s business in the best possible way. We will collaborate with the client to gain an understanding of the exact vision their business is looking for and how we can relay that through photography to accompany their other digital assets. Whether it be a product photo, team photos or headshots, each picture is set up with the perfect motive behind it. 


Provide Clients with Captivating Photography 

Our skilled photographers are guaranteed to bring out the best of your client’s business! Our talented team specializes in a variety of different photography such as, headshots, product photos, personal branding images, or anything in between, and with VIE Media photography services, you can ensure your clients audience will see themselves in the best light possible. 


Professional photography is an extremely versatile tool to have in your marketing arsenal. We bring out the best in team headshots, product photos, personal branding images, or anything in between. With our photography services, you can ensure your audience will see you in the best light possible.


In the first session, we will determine exactly what kinds of photos your client is wanting captured, where we will take them, when we will take them, how many and if anything, what we may need. 

Depending on the type of photos they need, we’ll discuss things such as:

  • Who is their target audience? Who will actually see these photos?
  • If we’re taking team headshots, how many people need them?
  • Do you want studio or environmental photos? 
  • Do they need different sized exports?
  • Are there any examples of photos they want to share?


After we have planned the photoshoot and everything is coordinated, we enter the final step, our Photography Process. There are several steps to this stage of the process.

  1. Prep:  We gather all camera equipment, lighting, props, etc., and arrive on location.
  2. Shoot: We capture all photos needed to complete their project.
  3. Edit: We take all photos into the editing room and edit, retouch, and recolor until their photos are ready.
  4. Review: We export all photos, upload them to Google Drive, and send them back to the clients point-of-contact for review.


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