Provide Clients with Skillfully Crafted Web Design and Development

VIE Media can provide your clients with an attractive website and the tools and experience their business needs to promote a strong online presence. Professional, intuitive web design ensures that you are presenting yourself to your online audience in a way that inspires comfort, connection, and trust.


Modern Website Designs for Companies of all sizes

Being that VIE Media is a St. Louis web design company, and we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest trends in web design to provide your clients with campaigns that are a perfect blend of intuitive navigation and distinguished aesthetics. Allow us to establish an online presence for your client that they will want to share with everyone. 


Like some of our other services, our Web Design and Development service takes a four-step approach to ensuring your clients project will be cohesive, on target and something that represents their brand in the best way possible. Our Web Design and Development service takes a four-step approach to ensuring the clients project will be cohesive, on target and something that represents their brand in the best way possible. 


Our experienced web designers will work with your client to perform a deep dive into their business to gain an understanding of what they are wanting the web design to achieve, and they’re overall the goals. In this session, we will discuss the following: 

  • What challenges are they facing with your current website?
  • What feedback have they received from site visitors regarding your website?
  • What are the KPI’s we are working to improve with this project?


In our next session, we will work with the client to determine the overall look, feel, quality of the web design. Through this process, we will take into account typical web factors such as typical user flow, page priority, and ROA. 

We will focus on topics such as:

  • What are the features/benefits of this offer?
  • How are these best expressed? Through copy? Through diagrams? Pictures?
  • What image & Brand Personality is the client looking to promote with your website?
  • Who is their ideal client?


After collecting all necessary information, we will begin creating mockups of the proposed site changes based off the information we gathered in our other sessions. Once we have prepared the mockups, we will share them with the client and walk them through each page. Once we receive their approval, we will begin implementing these changes to the site and publishing their new site. 


Here we will get with the client and their team for an overall review. Here we will discuss the new live site, what changes they want if any, and how their site is doing analytically. Here we will also go over any analytics we have set up with the client to allow for them to gain a deeper understanding of their site’s performance. 


With a team of skillful and knowledgeable web designers we can assure that our services consist of detailed designs, technical enterprise and captivating copy that will attract business and begin generating sales for your client. 

Custom, Skillfully Designed Pages

The client will receive a detailed strategic roadmap that lists out all the keywords, content builds, and backlink timeline that are planned over time, allowing them full visibility into the campaign.

High Availability Site Hosting

The last thing anyone ever wants in a website is downtime, as it damages your credibility with site visitors and Google. All our site builds are hosted on Always-On, High-Availability servers that guarantee site downtime will never be the reason that a sale fails to convert.

Professional Grade Design Assets

Clients web design projects will come standard with custom curated Graphic Designs that leave a lasting positive impression on their audience. These Graphics and icons will be theirs to place wherever they would like around their brand, allowing them to create a coherent bridge between their online and offline presence.


Clear-Cut Analytics and Reporting

We provide our clients with clear cut analytics and reporting through state-of-the-art tracking software. All your clients’ pages will be built to connect directly to the 24-7 live-updating dashboard. This provides them with insight on every aspect of their site’s performance. These analytics will help us, and them to make informed and thoughtful decisions regarding their online presence. 


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